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Booking and cancellation conditions below.

We have set out our pricing on the following pages so that you can quickly see how much your holiday will cost. Please note that all prices are in US Dollars. For our international clients, if you look in your daily paper you will find the exchange rate that is current when you make your reservation. If you book using MasterCard or VISA then you will automatically receive the commercial rate of exchange which is somewhat better than the ordinary rate. By keeping our prices in dollars we can guarantee that there will be no surcharges to you. We have priced the rooms and condos as a unit so if there are two of you in a room you divide the price by two to arrive at a per person cost. When more than two are sharing a room then there will be an additional charge per person. Please see individual price panels for this extra cost. All local US taxes are included in the prices except Aspen prices.

Irwin Lodge pricing is different and is based on a per person rate. The rates are split into how many are in a room, for example if there is only one person then the rate is obviously higher than if there are two or three. Four is the maximum in a room, in most rooms there are two double beds so if there are 4 guys then you need to let us know and we may be able to sort out bunk beds for you. All meals are included in the pricing for Irwin and of course the snowcat skiing as well. The Powder Puppy weeks also include expert powder instruction. This is, in our opinion, the best value powder clinic around.

Tips are not included in the price and as a general rule of thumb it is usual to tip a porter/bellboy about $5. In restaurants it is usual for Americans to tip up to 20% of the meal price, however between 12% and 15% will be fine. Of course if by some chance the service was not up to expectations then you should say so and reduce your tip accordingly. At the bar a couple of dollars will be fine for each round.

Equipment Rental

Costs vary from resort to resort but is always good value as the equipment is the best available. For those of you bringing your own skis. If you are looking to buy equipment out here in the states then we can also help with discounts. We do recommend that you buy boots back in the UK so that you have the possibility to wear them in-doors to get a great fit and then, if necessary have the shop adjust them. We personally recommend that you try Snow+Rock, for their excellent knowledge and staff.


Cost of transfers from the airports serving each resort are set out in each section. Cost of transportation between resorts varies with the number of people travelling together. For one or two people the cost is obviously higher than for a larger party.

Ski School

We can recommend the Ski Schools in all of our resorts. Group lessons are arranged differently from European resorts and it is likely that you will not have the same instructor every day. If you prefer to have the same instructor you would be better to take private lessons and if there is a group of you this is a good way to ensure that you all have the same instructor for several days. If you are an advanced skier in need of instruction in the bumps or the steeps then all of the ski schools have excellent programmes for these specific areas.

For International clients we require proof of insurance to cover winter sports injuries and repatriation. We can recommend insurance agents in the UK to you if you need this.

Lift passes and equipment hire must also be paid 50 days prior to arrival in order to benefit from our special rates.

Booking and cancellation conditions

For all reservations we require 20% deposit or two nights accommodation, whichever is greater, within 14 days of booking.

For cancellations after 50 days there will be a $100 cancellation fee per room.
For cancellations after 45 days prior to arrival there will be a 50% cancellation fee.
For cancellations after 30 days prior to arrival there will be a 100% cancellation fee.


Wilderness Ways 2011/2012

For all reservations please call us direct in Colorado on:
970 349 1852
or from the UK or Germany

(001) - 970 349 1852
(after 3 pm UK time.)
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